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The Writer on Film: Screening Literary Authorship Power, Politics, and Paranoia: Why People Are Suspicious of their Leaders Simulation in Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin Die Frau mit dem Muttermal Citizens and Statesmen: A Study of Aristotle’s Politics Foundations of Professional Psychology: The End of Theoretical Orientations and the Emergence of the Biopsychosocial Approach American Cowboys. True Tales of the Wild West Theoretische Modelle der Betriebsgröße im Maschinenbau: Koordination und Kontrollmechanismen bei organisatorischem Wachstum One in Eleven: Teaching Adolescents With a Language Learning Disability Beowulf's Children (Heorot, Book 2) The Owl, The Raven, and the Dove: The Religious Meaning of the Grimms’ Magic Fairy Tales Coherent states: applications in physics and mathematical physics Process and difference: between cosmological and poststructuralist postmodernisms